NFL Minnesota Vikings Wall Bottle Opener Review

NFL Minnesota Vikings Wall Bottle Opener

NFL Minnesota Vikings Wall Bottle OpenerLooking for NFL Minnesota Vikings Wall Bottle Opener.Best prices guaranteed Free shipping over $25 Buy now Click!!!!!

NFL Minnesota Vikings Wall Bottle Opener review

Our Minnesota Vikings sturdy wall mounted bottle opener is a great addition for your deck, garage or bar to show off your team spirit.

NFL Minnesota Vikings Wall Bottle Opener
NFL Minnesota Vikings Wall Bottle Opener

David's Bridal Pop the Top Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Style 11084NA Review

David's Bridal Pop the Top Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Style 11084NA

David's Bridal Pop the Top Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Style 11084NALooking for David's Bridal Pop the Top Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Style 11084NA.Best prices guaranteed Free shipping over $25 Buy now Click!!!!!

David's Bridal Pop the Top Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Style 11084NA review

Popping the question might just lead to popping the top--on your favorite drink, that is! Opening yourself to some cool refreshment, this beach-themed party favor is perfect for all sorts of settings...on the beach, at a picnic, tailgaiting or wherever you need to quench your thirst. Guests will keep it handy and think of you every time they use this clever flip-flop favor. Features and facts: Mini flip-flop bottle opener is made of brushed metal with a rubber thong in turquoise. Clear beach-themed display box with a backdrop of the sandy shore is accented with a starfish, the words "Flip-Flop" Bottle Opener and wrapped in natural raffia. Measures 1 1/4" x 3 1/2".

David's Bridal Pop the Top Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Style 11084NA
David's Bridal Pop the Top Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Style 11084NA

Check Out Black Plain STARR "X" Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Black Plain STARR "X" Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Black Plain STARR Looking for Black Plain STARR "X" Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Best prices.
Hurry! this is limited time offer!!

Black Plain STARR "X" Wall Mounted Bottle Opener review

Authentic, original and classic, STARR "X" style bottle openers are perfect for your kitchen, home bar, deck, garage or any other gathering place.

Black Plain STARR
Black Plain STARR

How to Do Bartending Tricks

In the bartending industry, they call it flair. It looks good and it makes people want to buy more drinks. That's great if you own a bar. But, some flair is still nice to know for your home bar tricks when you're entertaining friends and family.

Get a Feel

The first thing to do is get a feel for the bottles you'll be flipping. Pick up the tin and flip it in your hands. Grab different sized bottles and flip them, making sure you notice the different weights and measurements. You can condition your brain to immediately recognize the feel of a certain bottle if you hold it long enough and try a few tricks with it.

First Trick

This basic trick is what they practically teach everyone first when they go to bartending school. Hold the bottle in your right hand and the tin in your left. You can switch it later if you want, but learn the fundamentals first.

Swing the bottle under and around to your left arm. At that point, you are going to release it and flip it back over to its original position where your right hand should return to immediately. It's a simple flip and you should do the motions a few times before you actually let go of the bottle for your first time.

Beer Bottle

Beer bottle opening can be quite interesting if you have a bottle opener that is long and flat. This will allow you to have a handle you can use for various tricks. With the beer bottle sitting on the bar, take your bottle opener and hook it to the beer cap.

This is done the same way that you would when you normally open a beer bottle with a bottle opener except that when you get tension, use that tension to do your tricks. Pick the bottle up with the bottle opener. The tension created between the bottle opener and the bottle cap will give you enough stability to be able to lift the bottle. Get a feel for it and you are ready!

You can learn different tricks to do, but my favorite is around the head. You can twirl the beer bottle around the back of your neck and then quickly pop the cap before handing your amazed friend a beer. It's beautiful flair and when worked on enough, you can create your own sense of style when it comes to twirling beer bottles with bottle openers.

Flairing the Ice

Even something as simple as putting ice into a glass can be interesting. You need an ice scoop to really make this one fun and show your friends an exciting time. This is the kind of trick that if you pull it at just the right moment, you'll have your friends wondering if they actually saw something cool or if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

Have your glass upside down when you perform this trick. Grab it in the upside down position and scoop ice out of the ice bin at the same time. Pull the scoop up to the glass. The palm of your hand holding the glass should be pointing upward, in the perfect position to now flip the glass around in a circle with the scoop still at the top of the glass to make it a bigger presentation.

But, add a step. Once you've done your flip, make sure to keep one last piece of ice in the scoop that you can flip behind your back and catch in your glass. All in one motion, that is a beautiful trick that will catch your friends off guard.

Bartending tricks have been around since bartending. For everything we do, we try to add a little flair to our jobs and make them as interesting as we can. That is especially when we know we are being watched. You may not be much of a bartender. Having a home bar doesn't mean you have to learn. But, you'll have fun and your friends will enjoy it right with you.

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Make Your Own Drain Opener at Home

If you've ever finished brushing your teeth only to find an ugly backed up mess of slim and water in your bathroom sink, or finished taking a shower to find yourself standing in a slurry of dirty ankle deep water, then you know too well the nightmare of a clogged drain.

But what to do? Call a plumber to come out and charge you for what you can easily remedy yourself? Of course you can always go to your local discount store and pay good money for a bottle of overpriced drain opener which by the way will kill the the good bacteria in your septic system.

There is a better cheaper solution! I have experimented with several variations of homemade drain cleaners that can be made using common items that you may already have on hand around the house. Keep in mind that this may not solve all your clogged drain problems but will certainly take care of minor drain restrictions such as hair and dirt.

This is very simple and works amazingly well, not to mention very inexpensive!

You will need a 1/4 cup of baking soda, a 1/4 cup of vinegar and a kettle of boiling water.

Pour baking soda directly into drain then pour vinegar in drain.

Place drain stopper/plug in drain opening and let stand for 15 minutes.

Remove drain plug and pour hot water into drain and replace drain plug.

Let stand for about 30 minutes and your drains will be running free. For really bad clogs, you may need to repeat.

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The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Wine - Six, Food Problems

Some of you may know me from my wine article series "I Love Italian Wine and Food, " similar French and German series, and my travel articles that always manage to discuss local wine and food. It's true; I really do love wine and food from Italy, France, Germany, and other countries as well. But I also hate wine and many aspects of the wine scene. Let me explain my top ten reasons for this love-hate relationship. Previous articles discussed the unconscionable expense, the embarrassing lack of knowledge, no wine cellar, I can't get the ... bottle opened, and insomnia. This article discusses the food problems that seem an inevitable part of my wine experience.

Good wine should go with good food, and great wine should go with great food. But who can eat all that good or great food? I am very lucky-at this point of my life I can eat what I want, in moderation, without having to go on a diet. I better not push my luck or I'll be joining the multitude of dieters. But even non-dieters have major problems with great food; the problems of expense and time. You can bet your bottom dollar that if food tastes great, it is either expensive, takes too much time to prepare, or both.

Furthermore, great tasting food is probably not so good for you. If the calories won't harm you, those tasty fats and carbohydrates will. I don't care what others may say, in my way of thinking 8% yogurt tastes a lot better than 0% yogurt. Neither one goes with wine, but I think you get the idea. And of course, for some of us overeating can cause sleep difficulties. I know if I eat too late at night insomnia kicks in. And as I get older and older, too late at night becomes earlier and earlier. I said sleep difficulties, in addition to insomnia a fine meal with wine makes me sleepy. As you can guess napping after imbibing wine is a great way to generate insomnia.

And what about pairing wine and food? It's not enough to have a great wine and great food - the wine and the food have to be great together. The possibilities for error increase enormously. There is an easy "solution" to this problem. Champagne is known to pair well with almost any food. Just open your wallet (see Article 1), pop the cork (See Article 4), and enjoy. So if you have unlimited funds and aren't bottle opener challenged, the food pairing problem is solved. Otherwise...

Here are the other reasons that I hate wine, to be explored shortly: Wine snobs, Those smells and those tastes, Those colors, Home brew, One more problem and yes, The Solution.

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Greenhouse Gardening Techniques

Greenhouses and other glass protection
Install an electricity supply in your greenhouse to give you light and power for watering systems and propagating units.
Remove automatic window openers in the winter, as heavy frosts can damage the liquid reservoirs which operate them.
Locate greenhouses where they will get plenty of sun in winter and spring, and where you can get to them without getting muddy feet.
Grow a pot of basil in your greenhouse to repel whitefly. They don't like the smell.
Keep your greenhouse warm in the winter and save on heating bills by lining it with bubble plastic. The bubbles should be against the glass, to form a solid layer of air.
Make quick cloches with two sheets of glass and four clothes pegs. Put two pegs on each piece of glass, lean the sheets of glass together, and put a rubber band on each pair of pegs to hold them together.
Fix up a clear polythene curtain to separate plants which need different growing conditions such as dry and light for tomatoes or shady and moist for cucumbers.
Water your greenhouse in the morning. Evening watering leaves moist conditions overnight which encourage red spider mite.
Grow vegetable crops in growbags or tubs rather than in the border soil, to avoid a build-up of diseases and pests.
Make your own staging with trestle legs and planks or expanded metal.
If you have children in your garden, choose a cheap plastic greenhouse until they are grown-up, or choose rigid plastic glazing rather than glass.
For cheap adjustable greenhouse shades, use roll-up bamboo blinds.
If using biological pest control methods in your greenhouse. Check with the suppliers whether you can use pesticides without killing the predators you've purchased.
Treat wooden structural portions of your greenhouse with linseed oil every live years.
Install a water supply in your greenhouse. Even if it is no more elaborate than a tap.
Keep a tank in your greenhouse to bring water up to air temperature before using it on your plants. Mains water can be cold enough to shock tender plants in hot weather.
If you heat your greenhouse by electricity, keep a small paraffin heater as a backup in case of power cuts.
Ask yourself if you really need to heat the whole greenhouse, or whether a propagator would be sufficient to keep your favourite plants going through the winter.
Make a cheap cold frame the Chinese way, by digging a pit, lining the sides with sheets of polystyrene, then laying a few bamboo canes across the top to support plastic sheeting for a lid. A layer of gravel in the bottom of the pit will absorb heat during the day and give it off slowly at night.
Put cloches out on the growing area at least two weeks before adding plants or seed, to let the soil warm up. Cover the ends to keep out draughts.
Cold-frames and cloches attract ants, who like to make nests in warm places, so sprinkle ant killer round the edges to keep them out before they damage your plants.
Use plastic water-bottles as individual mini-greenhouses for tender plants. Cut off the bottom and push the bottle firmly into the soil over the plant. Pop a few slug pellets inside and put the lid on until the weather warms up.

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Check Out NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wall Bottle Opener for $16.06

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wall Bottle Opener

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wall Bottle OpenerLooking for NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wall Bottle Opener Best prices.
Hurry! this is limited time offer!!

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wall Bottle Opener review

Our Pittsburgh Steelers sturdy wall mounted bottle opener is a great addition for your deck, garage or bar to show off your team spirit.

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wall Bottle Opener
NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Wall Bottle Opener

Wine Cork Screws and Openers

There are many varieties of wine cork screws and openers available that will suit everyone from the new wine drinker to the all-out, wine cellar owning enthusiast. What you need will simply depend on your personal needs. Lever style corkscrews are good for beginners. This really makes opening wine bottles easier than the hand screw type. This style is sure to quickly and easily open up wine bottles with great speed. This is the easiest type of opener but it is pretty big in your drawer in space. They tend to range from -0, depending on how complex it is.

The waiter's corkscrew is the old fashioned opener that resembles a pocket knife with the cork screw and bottle opener. This is one of the hardest wine cork screws and openers to use and requires a good bit of work and practice to get good at using. It is very inexpensive and takes up little space when closed. It also contains a knife which is helpful in removing foil on a bottle of wine. The twisting pull cork is a handy little device which is a step up from the waiter's corkscrew. You simply pop this on the bottle, twist it down, and pull out the cork! A quality model is important and for those with wrist troubles, this may not be the right type of opener.

Winged corkscrews are yet another type of wine cork screws and openers. This is a cork screw that when twisted downward, the wings come up. When the wings are up completely, you push them downward, which really saves on hand and arm power if you are not strong. The two-pronged opener is not a cork screw, and you get the two metal prongs down the two sides of the cork. Once in, you pull and twist until the cork comes out. This is really good for old wine with a damaged cork, but this style of wine bottle opener is not easy to use and can be damaged itself if not used properly.

The final type of cork screw is the air pump corkscrew. You pump air which is forced between the wine and the cork, forcing the cork to rise up and come out. Some people don't feel that this is method is good for the wine, so it is not a very popular one. As you can see there are many types of wine cork screws and openers to choose from. The style you choose depends on how you will use it and which method you will prefer.

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How to Throw a World Cup Party

With 40% of Housetohome users staying at home to watch the football, now's the time to start planning your party. Throwing a World Cup party? Now's the time to hang up the England bunting, order in the beers and invest in a wide-screen TV.

Create the perfect viewing experience
If you haven't got the cash to invest in a wide-screen TV, worry not. The main thing is to ensure all your guests can see the screen.

Think about the position of the TV - If it's wall-mounted, more people will be able to see it. If not, make sure you position it in the middle of your living room.

Ensure there's enough seating - Rather than buy extra chairs, stock up on brightly-coloured scatter cushions. That way everyone will be able to grab a seat on the floor and still be comfortable.

Top up the drinks - If you want to create the ultimate viewing experience, check that everyone is topped up before the match starts so they won't be bobbing up and down for drinks before half time. A wall-mounted bottle-opener would be a great addition, too.

Decorate your home for the World Cup
Show your support for England by stocking up on all the latest World Cup merchandise. It may seem a bit excessive, but it will go a long way in creating the right atmosphere for your guests.

England bunting - Make a statement with England bunting. Flags are perfect for hanging in your living room or over your front door.

World Cup tableware - Save on the washing up and stock up on lots of paper cups, plates and napkins.

Bake a World Cup cake - No party is complete without a cake, so put your baking skills to good use and whip up a chocolate cake. Decorate it with football sugar decorations.

Create the right atmosphere - Give guests traditional South African Vuvuzelas and create an atmosphere to rival your local pub's.

Stock Up On Party Food
Worried about what to serve guests? The best parties are relaxed and informal. Stock up on party food, nibbles and lots of drinks.

Barbecue food - If the weather's good, consider having a barbecue. Once the food's cooked, burgers and sausages can be refrigerated for later.

Make a pasta salad - Quick and easy to make, a pasta salad will go perfectly with barbecue or finger food. Served cold, you won't have to worry about keeping it warm.

Finger food - You can't go wrong with summer nibbles. Stock up on lots of crisps, dips and crusty bread and let people serve themselves.

Consider laying it all out on the dining room table (not outside, as this will attract flies), and brighten it up with colourful tableware and napkins.

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